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Nov 27

A Gambler’s Perspective - 99th Grey Cup

by: Jimmy “the Mennonite” Jones

 Every analysis on the 99th Grey Cup I have read has picked the Lions to win. It’s almost if the game has been played already. Not one article has mentioned that if you are a Bomber fan and a gambler, you are loving the fact the Blue are seven point underdogs.

 Let’s face it, this is YOUR TEAM. You’re going to bet the game no matter what the line or how many years it has been since the Blue & Gold hoisted the cup or that BC is on a terrifying run at the end of the season - you will be betting the Bombers WHATEVER THE LINE because you bleed Blue & Gold. As a die-hard fan and slight degenerate gambler living in Bomberland, will you be betting against Buck’s revenge big game, the memory of Coach Harris, Brown’s swan-song, Johnson’s turn to confirm Defense wins championships or Garrett’s chance to prove he is the real deal? Of course not. That would be against your very Blue & Gold DNA. You love the fact you and your gambling buddies are getting seven points in the biggest game of the year and that the money line bet is paying an extra juicy 3.70 for the Bombers to win. The WCLC is paying out 3.85 for the Bombers Proline win (must win by 4 or more).

This is the moment Winnipeg sports investors have been waiting for.

You have been riding the wave known as gambling in the CFL all season  -  you’ve had monstrous wins and crushing defeats (two of them from these Blue Bombers - Labour Day Classic & Banjo Bowl).

That’s what happens when you throw your cash into the CFL, it’s about predictable as the stock markets these days. It can make those flat, over-priced beer at the soon to be demolished stadium seem like a good idea while you drown your sorrows in a plastic cup. Your only hope at redemption being the crumpled 50/50 ticket stuffed into your pocket that you’ll check when you get home.

Of course the Lions have a dangerous team and are carrying a ton of momentum going in to the 99th Grey Cup game, but you can’t underestimate the motivation for the Winnipeg team who hasn’t been champs since 1990 and who had enough story lines this season to have their own version of The Extra Yard on TSN.

Grab those seven points or pound that money line if you are a true Blue believer! This could finally be the Blue & Gold’s year. If they lose, what’s the big deal? You were going to bet on them anyway. If they win, you can get crazy at Portage & Main with everyone else and have a nice down payment for your season tickets next year.

I hope LaPolice has been watching Friday Night Lights, he needs to channel Coach Taylor today.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Do this for Coach Harris. Do this for all the Angry Bomber Fans who have been without the Cup since 1990. Do this for Doug Brown. Do this for Buck. Do it for the Beer Snake. Do this for the whole 204. Let’s move into our new stadium GREY CUP CHAMPS!

It’s been too long of a Grey Cup drought in the 204. It stops in B.C. this Sunday.


We’ll be angry till you bring the Cup back.

Quick Stats

  • WIN are 8-3-1 ATS in their last 12 road games.
  • WIN are 17-7-2 ATS in their last 26 games overall.
  • Under is 40-17-1 in WIN last 58 road games.
  • 2-0 ATS vs BC this season
  • Outscored the Lions 55 to 37.

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